Supporting and empowering people to accept and be their true selves.

Awareness, Prevention & Healing of Bullying

FRIEND MOVEMENT is a movement against bullying backed by over 30 years of total experience and 10 years of research which shows compassion is one of the most successful ways to reduce bullying among students & adults alike. How we differ is our focus on "pro-friendship" versus being "anti-bully".

FRIEND MOVEMENT offers a wide variety of services for the awareness, prevention & healing of bullying. Friend Movement pursues its founding values with the support of an incredible team of dedicated & creative individuals.  We also offer COMMUNITY services & programs funded by proceeds from our FM Art with Heart events & the graciousness of supporter's donations. 

In a time where social networking has become a part of daily life, it has been integrated into all aspects of what we do. Our evolution in media, coupled with our vast support network, translate into unique professional & community services that benefit people of all ages & walks of life.

If you support our grass roots movement, then please consider changing your middle name to “FRIEND” on Social Media
Every Penny Counts
100% of all donations go toward FM COMMUNITY programs!
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FM Community


  1. Friendly Meals
    Friendly Meals
    Providing nourishment for the homeless in the Los Angeles area (with plans of expansion).
  2. FM Art with Heart
    FM Art with Heart
    Art related events to bring community together & help fund the launching of FM heART Therapy
  3. FM heART Therapy
    FM heART Therapy
    Art therapy programs for the under-served communities & people with Special Needs
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Friendly Meals

Friendly Meals

Serving over 300 meals, once a month in the Los Angeles area
Plans of expansion to neighboring counties & states
  1. Mental Health Assistance
    We have licensed Psychiatrists & Psychologists to help heal bullying. These gracious professionals offer their assistance out of the kindness of their hearts. We are also a conduit of information for people to search, locate & contact various professionals for assistance.
  2. Every Penny Counts
    100% of all DONATIONS, every single penny, go directly to our COMMUNITY services & programs. We provide data & full transparency (directly on our site) to ensure the integrity of our COMMUNITY sector.
  3. We Care
    We are a movement that cares & is dedicated to COMMUNITY as a way of life. Every one of us has a story to share about bullying. Whether it occured on the school playground, at the work place by co-workers or management, or even at the elderly center by caregivers - we can all relate.