June 2nd until July 2nd, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST the beautiful models featured below (inside and out), have agreed to put themselves up for a LUNCH DATE with YOU for our ONLINE SILENT AUCTION. BIDDING STARTS AT $100 for each of the models and bids thereafter must increase in increments of $50 or more. A successfully placed bid is made in the comment section below each model’s respective photo. The HIGHEST… Read more →



On Sunday July 26th, 2015 a new angel got her wings. Her name is Sarah Friend Amento and she taught us all how to love by example. Friend Movement co-founders Ronnie Kroell & Laughing Eddie Lobo presented her with the first annual “Thank You For Being A Friend” award in 2014 and this is what she had to say …… Read more →


We are the “Battle Plan”, October 18th!

#BATTLEPLAN TICKETS / OCT 18TH, 2014 TICKET OPTIONS GENERAL ADMISSION $15.00 USD2 for $25 $25.00 USD TOGETHER, WE ARE THE BATTLE PLAN! Friend Movement and Style de Vie has partnered with LONGREEF to bring you their latest hit song, BATTLE PLAN! October is Bullying Prevention Month and together by focusing on being a better FRIEND, we can shift the conversation… Read more →


Stardust Soiree

We could not be more grateful for the success of our latest event, Stardust Soiree, presented by Friend Movement & Style de Vie, on September 20th, 2014, at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood. It was a magical evening of celebrating Music, Friendship, and Hollywood! Together we have committed to shifting the conversation from “Anti-Bullying” to “Pro-Friendship”, essentially making it cool to… Read more →


Let’s Get, “Kettle Glazed With Kindness”

Let’s Get, “Kettle Glazed With Kindness” Friend Movement would like to invite all of our friends to get, “Kettle Glazed With Kindness” with us in the weeks to come! Any moment that you feel embodies kindness will do, there are no right or wrong ways to express yourself with this campaign. Share your #KETTLEGLAZEDWITHKINDNESS moments with us via social media… Read more →


Letters To Our Former Selves

What would you say if you had the opportunity to write a letter to your former self? Would you share words of wisdom? Would you warn them of things to come? Perhaps you might congratulate them on being so smart or funny. Here is your chance to try it out! Friend Movement is extremely proud to support, “Letters To Our Former Selves, a… Read more →

Medusa Blink cover copy

The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink

Friend Movement is excited to introduce an incredible children’s book written and illustrated by designer and artist, Russell Michael Schramm.  The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink tells the fantastical tale of a strange, imaginative, and misfit girl, from her mysterious beginning to her eye-opening journey of self-discovery and wonder.  Walk with Medusa Blink through her wonderful garden as she’s whisked… Read more →

communicate photo


COMMUNICATION Means of connection between people, places, / the imparting or exchange of information. This word carries so much meaning in so many ways especially when it comes to relationships whether it’s business or personal. One of the key factors in any relationship is the need to communicate. When we fail to do this we begin to spark an avalanche… Read more →