Garland Guidry

The Storm, by Sarah Amento.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but about Dancing in the rain.” It’s a quote that I learned and fell in love with early on in this journey. A quote that isn’t just great wall art, but a way of life for me now that I strive to be a living truth. Some days are easier than… Read more →

Will Discrimination Ever End?

When I was a kid, on MLK day I had to march with a group of church folk singing, “We shall over come.” I never understood why blacks were discriminated against, and I’ll never comprehend why a human being would be discriminated against for any reason. It especially doesn’t make sense when humans are shunned because of something about them… Read more →

Hiding In The Shadows

I remember when I was a kid naming all of the careers I wanted to have when I got older. I wanted to sing, dance, act, cook etc. And the great part is that I have the talent to do them all. However, one of the biggest problems for me was jealous people. There was always someone who wanted to… Read more →

Is Honesty The Best Policy?

I grew up in a family that gave you the brutal truth whether you asked for it or not. It was very common for us to sit around and discuss each others ‘flaws’ and laugh hysterically. For most of my life I would give that brutal honesty to anyone who crossed my path- most of the time hurting people’s feelings… Read more →

Beauty Trap

  When I think of it, I never really thought about whether or not I had an attractive face. As I check the farthest depths of my memory bank, and try to remember what I thought of myself as I looked in the mirror, nothing comes to mind. However, I do recall thinking that my nose was too big and… Read more →

No More Excuses..

When I look back at my childhood photos, I guess you can say that I was kinda chubby. My family wasn’t shy about making fun of the extra pounds I carried either. I ended up with a complex about my weight, but instead of developing an unhealthy eating disorder- I used my complex to live a healthy lifestyle. In my… Read more →

Auntie and Niece

When I was a kid I remember being very creative and independent. I was initially the baby along with two older brothers and my big sister. My little sister came along later. Anyway, my sister (who was the oldest among us) took me under her wing. The fascinating part about she and I is that we were born on the… Read more →

Give Without Expecting

Occasionally when I’m at the gas station in my neighborhood a person will ask me for money. Before I go on, let me give you a little history about my record of giving to those who are in need. When I was in my early twenties and living in New York, I decided that one day each week I would give… Read more →

Release Your Grip

  Right after High School my path to figuring out who I am and what my purpose is officially began. I come from a Christian family, so most of the guidance I received came from the Bible. Because of that, throughout my journey I have had many spiritual revelations. The first big awakening that I had was about letting go. I… Read more →

Who Am I To Judge?

While talking to my roommate she mentioned that thanks to me she now notices if someone has a bad haircut or hairstyle. I wasn’t very proud of getting credit for that and I instantly asked myself, “What does having a ‘bad’ hairstyle mean? How did I become so judgmental about other people’s choice of style? In that split second I… Read more →