Garland Guidry

Triumph Over Adversity!

When Edward Lobo (CO Founder of Friend Movement) called to tell me about an amazing young gay man named Michael, I was all ears. After Edward briefed me, he politely asked if I would write a piece about Michael’s story to share on the FM website. I couldn’t refuse. While watching Michael’s video, I was moved to tears of course,… Read more →

Life’s Demands!

Often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to be kind to ourselves. If you are a person that has a demanding job, the ability to be kind to yourself is even harder. We end up taking the demands that other folks place on us, and in turn place unrealistic demands on ourselves. Our… Read more →

Words Can Heal or Wound…

I’ve always had a sharp tongue. My father was an extremely honest man, and all of my immediate family members developed this ‘truth’ characteristic. One perk I love about being honest (as opposed to lying) is that you never have to remember to cover yourself. If your a truth teller, you’re already covered. One of the negative aspects of being… Read more →

Pets Are Great Teachers

I recall hearing people say that before a couple has children that they should get a dog first. I never really knew what they meant until I had a dog of my own. Those animals are literally like babies, and it was definitely more responsibility than I was prepared for at the time. In my book Memoirs of a GayShe… Read more →

Mirror Images Of Each Other

I was talking to my sister about how easy it is to point out the faults in others. We seldom realize that while we are judging them, we are in fact judging ourselves. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? I have now evolved to the point where whenever I am bothered by someone’s actions, I can immediately recall something that… Read more →

The Golden Rule

(I’ve been paying close attention to friendships lately). Recently two of my dear friends helped me celebrate my fortieth birthday in Vegas. I was in complete ecstasy not only because I was drinking, but because my friends were taking care of me. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, I simply went where they led me. As I was… Read more →