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Means of connection between people, places, / the imparting or exchange of information.

This word carries so much meaning in so many ways especially when it comes to relationships whether it’s business or personal. One of the key factors in any relationship is the need to communicate. When we fail to do this we begin to spark an avalanche of problems that gone unexplored or settled result in discomfort, unnecessary sacrifices and often the case separation from our loved ones. We often deem longevity in our relationships as guarantees to a long and lasting life but this is in fact a false sense of security. This kind of behavior immobilizes us and projects into a neutral holding pattern and causes us to overlook the need to practice the exchange of information between ourselves. Resentment and distrust can begin to manifest and ignoring the need to be honest with each other only amplifies these feelings and lead to even larger problems.

SO, here is my advice to all my family and friends. Whether it has been six days, six weeks, six months, 6 years. DO NOT back away from COMMUNICATION with your partner. Step up and be honest, lay it on the table and work together to bring resolution. Do not wait 20 years as I did to find that there is so much that needs to be said and because you didn’t you realize you have squandered away a huge portion of your life and your dignity because you choose not to communicate. My friends, I speak from experience on this particular subject. I have recently found myself and my partner of 22 years facing these very issues. The results of our refusal to communicate has been to loose ourselves and who we should be and could be. Did we settle, is there something better out there for us or can we fix this? Some damage is worse than others but nothing can be repaired until you make the joint decision that what you have is flawed and decide to correct it. In our case we have agreed to examine ourselves and become completely in touch with whom we are and what lies ahead for us. So much valuable time has passed us by and we forgot to live. We thought that every year passing was a great sign and we were the best for each other that we deserved. We just might be but we also have to realize we just might not. The main thing is that we are now communicating and that in itself is the first step to a better tomorrow and future.

So please stop and take a moment to think about your relationship and ask yourself if you have that open line of dialogue. Keep it going and never lose it. Make each year better than the last. As for the two of us we both agree that we our incredible individuals that deserve all the best life have to offer. As we navigate our journey we know that all of you will be supportive and respectful of our situation. I hope this puts to rest all the speculation regarding us and our relationship. We are both very excited and scared for our future but look forward to meeting our goals and finding ourselves and sharing our story with others to hopefully prevent this kind of thing happening to others.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish all of you a wonderful and COMMUNITIVE Day…..

Love Always,

Edward Lobo and Steven Baker

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