Hiding In The Shadows


I remember when I was a kid naming all of the careers I wanted to have when I got older. I wanted to sing, dance, act, cook etc. And the great part is that I have the talent to do them all. However, one of the biggest problems for me was jealous people. There was always someone who wanted to steal my spotlight. Sadly, I would back away into the shadows and let them have it. Keep in mind that the majority of these people had no talent at all. At least not the ones I have.

I grew up singing in a Church choir. My voice at the time had a soprano range and it was gorgeous. I could sing a Whitney Houston’s song effortlessly. My mother was in charge of choosing what we sang and of course I was the one leading most of them. All of a sudden, other members of the choir wanted to lead songs without having lead voices. My mother would let them sing anyway. Then I decided that I wanted to start directing the choir, and like usual, everyone else wanted to direct. I stopped directing. I often wonder how good I would have become had I not let them steal my spotlight.

I have found myself at times, even as an adult, continuing to let people steal my spotlight. I just never felt a need to compete. As a matter of fact I loathe competition. I just wish everyone could hone in on their own gifts, know that it’s unique, not try to copy someone else, and not care what anyone else thinks about it. Not everyone is ready for what we have to offer, or we just may not be the right fit.

Along the way I decided not to let people steal my spotlight anymore. I realized that we all get our turn, and their is no need for me to give my spot to anyone else. I also know for sure that everyone can’t go all the way with me on my journey. And that at certain times you have to literally eliminate people. It can be a lonely life being gifted because most people don’t understand you. I went on a date recently with a guy who said that he got beaten up many times for being smart. He asks questions and people don’t like to be challenged about what they don’t know.

Something else I know for sure is that I have absolutely no control over anyone else but me. So I will continue to hold my head up, and not back away into the shadows any longer. Being who you are authentically meant to be is your power. And with that power you will have enemies, or haters as we often call them. But don’t let them intimidate you, because they are often all bark and no bite.


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