No More Excuses..


When I look back at my childhood photos, I guess you can say that I was kinda chubby. My family wasn’t shy about making fun of the extra pounds I carried either. I ended up with a complex about my weight, but instead of developing an unhealthy eating disorder- I used my complex to live a healthy lifestyle. In my book Memoirs of a GayShe I talk in depth about my weight issues. But in this blog I want to encourage you in a positive way about taking care of your body and health.

Whenever I’m in a conversation with women about fitness I often explain to them that I am not genetically thin. The response is always the same, “I would have never known.” What I discovered recently is that if an overweight person see’s someone who is thin, they often automatically assume it’s genetics. This is not true for everyone. It finally hit me that if they continue to fool themselves into believing that all or most thin people are that way because of genetics, then they never have to feel guilty about not exercising or eating unhealthy foods.

I am also often asked, “How do you stay so thin?” I am constantly monitoring what and how much I am eating. I work out weekly, drink water, and I am not a person who has to snack all the time. If I eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner I’m fine. At night if I want a snack, I will eat celery or carrots dipped in ranch dressing. The ranch is my treat. I feel like most people with weight problems have an unhealthy relationship with food. Do you really think that you will ever be thin with a jar of M&M’s by the side of your bed that you can reach for all through the night?

I can go on and on about this but I’ll keep it brief, and end this blog by telling you how I made exercising a part of my life. I joined gyms for many years and never utilized them. One day I had enough of feeling blah, and decided to make working out a necessary part of my life. The first gift I gave to me was to not place pressure on myself. That meant if I went to the gym and after ten minutes felt that I wanted to leave, I could. I did that for weeks until ten minutes turned into an hour and the next thing I knew, I was on stage teaching jazzercise classes.

Yea, yea, I know your life is extremely busy and you have absolutely no time to work out. I’m not buying it. I’d rather you just say that you don’t want to. Or how about this, if you won’t exercise, certainly you can make better eating choices. Listen, if you just do a little exercise each day, I promise you will feel better about yourself and see results. There are also many healthy delicious alternatives for satisfying meals that don’t have to break your bank. We live in a wonderful time full of information. A few words on google will send you to a world of recipes and options to help you eat healthier. If you eat better and work out, you will get optimum results. You can also go to Youtube for at home workout idea’s if you don’t like gyms.

Remember, it’s not just about looking great, but it’s also about feeling great. Exercise relieves stress and removes lots of toxins from your body. Best of all, regular workouts can reduce a large number of health risks. Get your body moving today, you won’t regret it. ┬áNamaste..

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