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Bullying Within the Friend Circle

It’s become more apparent to me that sometimes even in the closest friend circles bullying occurs. It may not be intentional, but somehow we lose sight of the way we speak to one another. We may think we’re ‘just joking around’, but that doesn’t mean our words don’t hurt. I myself have been dealing with this for a while. I… Read more →


Let’s Get, “Kettle Glazed With Kindness”

Let’s Get, “Kettle Glazed With Kindness” Friend Movement would like to invite all of our friends to get, “Kettle Glazed With Kindness” with us in the weeks to come! Any moment that you feel embodies kindness will do, there are no right or wrong ways to express yourself with this campaign. Share your #KETTLEGLAZEDWITHKINDNESS moments with us via social media… Read more →

Medusa Blink cover copy

The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink

Friend Movement is excited to introduce an incredible children’s book written and illustrated by designer and artist, Russell Michael Schramm.  The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink tells the fantastical tale of a strange, imaginative, and misfit girl, from her mysterious beginning to her eye-opening journey of self-discovery and wonder.  Walk with Medusa Blink through her wonderful garden as she’s whisked… Read more →