The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink

Medusa Blink cover copy

Friend Movement is excited to introduce an incredible children’s book written and illustrated by designer and artist, Russell Michael Schramm.  The Incredible Adventures of Medusa Blink tells the fantastical tale of a strange, imaginative, and misfit girl, from her mysterious beginning to her eye-opening journey of self-discovery and wonder. 

Walk with Medusa Blink through her wonderful garden as she’s whisked away and meets the unique characters Sir Otto and King Ru La Ru.  Be carried away to an island of green and become part of an imaginative experience of diversity and acceptance and enjoy the learning and sharing lessons along the way. 

The book is geared for ages 6 and up and is a full color hardcover book with a Read-Along audio CD that includes fun voices, sound effects and flower seeds to grow your own garden – just like Medusa Blink. 

Makes a great gift, order your copy today! 

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