The “Little Things”

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal” Steve Maraboli.

All week I’ve become very aware of my surroundings and small habits I have fallen into. Things that seem to be minor or not all that important so we tend to dismiss them or disregard them. I am talking about the so called “little things” you hear people refer to, the niceties that we often don’t make time for anymore.


I was at work the other morning and was extremely busy as were my co workers. Our manager, Donna, walked into the work space to greet us,wish us well, or even perhaps to see if there was anything we needed to accomplish our task at hand and without even as much as a “Good Morning” greeting from us , another team member aggressively shouted to her for help. I realize this was just coming from frustration and feeling under the gun to get the job done, but it wasn’t until later that afternoon when it had all calmed down and I was talking to Donna about the day. She confided in me that she more times than not feels very disregarded and sometimes unappreciated by the staff. She said “It would be so nice if just once I could walk in the room and hear a simple hello or good morning before the staff starts shouting for HELP” . Hearing this turned on a huge LIGHT BULB over my head that reminded me how very important the “little things” are, so important that they aren’t in fact small or little at all, they are extremely valuable. All it would have taken to make Donna feel acknowledged and appreciated by the people around her would’ve been a simple greeting or good morning gesture with a genuine smile.

I realize this may seem like a very basic or simple rule, but I assure you that any kind gesture can change someone else’s entire day. I encourage you to try it this week. No matter how busy we get there is always time to be kind. Even as you are walking down the street or hallway, just a kind smile or nod to a stranger, acknowledging their existence in a positive and accepting way. I know that when someone smiles or says hello to me that I do not know, it perks me up a bit. It changes my entire internal vibration and I feel like paying it forward. It doesn’t have to be just that , it could be any kind gesture from holding the door open for someone, a quick compliment to anyone near you, sending a text or giving a quick call to a friend just to simply say hello and let them know you are thinking of them and appreciate their friendship and love.

Spread the love my friends and approach each day with a nonjudgmental, giving heart and Loving Intention. When we feel the love around us it empowers us to be the loving, compassionate leaders that we ALL ARE.

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  1. Garland Guidry
    March 6, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    This is beautiful and so true. Thanks for the reminder

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