The Storm, by Sarah Amento.

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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but about Dancing in the rain.”

It’s a quote that I learned and fell in love with early on in this journey. A quote that isn’t just great wall art, but a way of life for me now that I strive to be a living truth. Some days are easier than others, but something I cling to nevertheless.

BBC: Before Breast Cancer when times of stress/ ‘the Storm’ arrived, I would hold my breath waiting for it to pass. It was always next year is going to be better, next month we’ll get ahead, next week is a new week!’ Right? Have these words come out of your mouth too? Of course! We all want to live life when things get better. I’ve learned that way isn’t LIVING! What if next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow wasn’t promised? Living is LIVING all of Life, not just in the good times. Truly living is embracing ALL that life has to offer. Life is Beautiful, it’s beautifully complicated. It is life. it is death. But every day and every moment in between is what matters the most!

Currently, we are in a storm- an epic storm. The kind when I, BBC, would typically retreat, hold my breath, and wait to see the sun resurface. It would be in that moment when I’d begin to dance again, to live. Today, if I waited for the sun to shine before dancing, it could be too late. Even if I get twenty more years, by the Grace of God, the science of medicine, or by fighting every second of my life- I won’t ever ‘hold my breath’ again or loose my step, no matter how hard things become.

As difficult as life seemed before, to add a Stage IV diagnosis made things more complicated. Some days the rain pours and pours. Yet I still fight and fight through those days with a song in my heart, and I SPLASH through the rain no matter how hard it becomes. “To live like you were dying?” Why? Why not live like your ALIVE! Embrace the Storm and Dance. Don’t hold your breath, if you’re not breathing, you are dead. If you’re dead, you are not living even if your heart is still beating. What is holding you back from being ALIVE? Is it bills? If this is the situation preventing you from living- you will never truly be alive. The constant in life is bills and not enough money. Is it your weight? Do you say, “If only IĀ could loose 20 lbs?” If so, then get off your butt and DANCE! Stop wasting your money on the next ‘fad diet’ or magic pill and drink water, walk and eat what God has created, not what man has engineered.

Family. Stop complaining and waiting for others to change and be the change. Life is complicated and so simple. Cancer. If your waiting to ‘feel better’ life will pass us by. Love others, do your best for others and DANCE! Stop letting your mind and circumstances hold you back from living and start LIVING! Embrace all of life, the good, the bad, and the pain. That is when we truly become ALIVE! A new quote I found and fell in love with:

“To Live is the rarest thing in the world, most exist, that is all” ~Oscar Wilde

Are you Living or are you simply existing?


Sarah Amento (In loving memory, July 26th, 2015)

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